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Eser Marketing International, along with BH Fitness, is a company that strives to provide quality fitness and gym equipment in Sri Lanka. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Our product range now includes treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, benches, home gyms, AB products, punching bags, rowing equipment, free weights and bars, racks as well as yoga and aerobics accessories. With 26 branches across Sri Lanka, Eser Marketing leads the way in fitness industry, aiming to offer customers the best of services and exercise equipment for a healthier life, while adhering to international standards.

All our fitness and gym equipment are fully tested for durability and quality. Eser International offers a one year warranty that guarantees your peace of mind. Whether it is a treadmill to lose weight, or a home gym to gain strength, Eser has the widest range of fitness and gym equipment in Sri Lanka for you to choose from.

Eser Marketing International is an affiliation of BH, which is a company that has been committed to engage in focused efforts on innovation and the development of cutting edge technology, to bring state of the art sport, health, fitness and beauty products to the market. The eco friendly solutions that are developed by BH also have ensured that the company’s goal to ensure the welfare of the society is achieved.

Currently Eser Marketing is on an expansion drive, providing Sri Lankan customers a vast choice of fitness and gym equipment from world class fitness brands such as Reebok, Matrix Fitness, Horizon, Body-solid and Vision fitness equipment. We are also increasing our branches across Sri Lanka to provide a great service to Sri Lankan fitness and exercise professionals as well as home users. Have a look at our branch locator to find a Eser Marketing branch close to you!

Eser International leads the way in supplying best quality exercise and gym equipment to suit any requirement of Sri Lankan market. Contact Eser Marketing to find out which exercise equipment suits your budget and workout requirements. Eser staff is more than happy to answer all your fitness related inquiries.




Eser Marketing International exercise equipment range

BT-6380 treadmill Eser MarketingTreadmill

Treadmills help you to lose weight and improve cardio. Treadmill workout will boost metabolism, which will help to get rid of that extra flab! BH treadmills come up with a heart monitor and different exercise programmes so you can track your performance. More than fifteen models to choose from!


Eser Marketing Cross Trainer G2356Cross Trainer

Cross trainer puts less strain on your joints, which means any people of any age group can use it without worrying about joint aches or pains. The combined effect of workout means you will workout all your major muscle groups. BH cross trainers are build to last and provides a full body workout for all age groups. BH Cross Trainers provide excellent workout experience with solid performance.

combo-ride-bike-BX60Exercise Bikes

Exercise bike is a great way to improve your health and fitness. It will burn calories, easy on your joints, provides excellent cardio workout and you can manage your fitness targets with ease. Lose weight and boost stamina. Eser marketing offers a range of exercise bikes to suit different fitness requirements. BodyOne and BH bikes from Eser are ideal for any age group.

BH-Rowing-Circuit-R550_-1Rowing Machines

Rowing machine boosts cardio vascular rate and improve flexibility. Not only you will get a full body workout, rowing also targets different muscle groups such as thighs, butt and calves. Rowers offer an alternative workout for treadmills and bikes. All our rowing machines are manufactured by BH, a global giant in fitness equipment. Try a BH rower from Eser marketing!



Workout benches supports your back while you exercise with or without weights. Unlike exercise machines, you can use many forms and variations to pinpoint different muscle groups when you are using a bench. Benches in combination with free weights such as dumbbells can be used to target, abs, chest and arms. Also you can retain proper posture when you are working out using a bench. Eser Marketing offers a solid collection of BH and BodyOne benches for fitness pros as well as enthusiasts!


Home-Gym-Nevada Plus (XA) - G119XAHome Gym

Having a home gym mean you have the freedom and flexibility to exercise anytime you wish. A typical home gym offers more than 50 exercises, so you can mix and match the routine to achieve better results. Home gyms give you the total control of targeting various areas of your body to tone or build up. Eser offers a collection of 18 different models from BH and BodyOne home gyms for you to choose to suit your budget, fitness schedule and space requirements.



Get an amazing abs by using the ab products that targets strengthening, toning and shaping your waist. You can isolate the fat build up in the mid-section and also work on your obliques and core. Working out on an ab machine is also a cardio booster too. BH and bodyOne Ab products from Eser offers a great range and value for money. Get rock hard abs, Fast!


You got a whole set of dumbbells. Are they lying around? Why not use a dumbbell rack and arrange them neatly? Get a solid dumbbell rack from Eser . In addition to dumbbell racks, Eser also have a collection of barbell racks, plate racks and multi-function power cage from BodyOne for you to choose from. All racks are build from industrial steel.


Punching-Bag-6-1-300x300Punching bags

Not only punching bags provide you a great way to reduce weight and get fit, punching bag is also a stress buster! This low cost exercise will improve your aerobic skills, strength and body shape. Plus a punching provides a great cardio workout as well. Eser provides 3 varieties of punching bags for customized training. Improve your fitness with a punching bag from Eser Marketing!


hex dumbbell from Eser MarketingFree weights & bars

Free weights and bars offer you more flexibility in your workout whether its cardio or resistance training. Not only it will improve your core strength, weights can also work as a bone strengthening factor, which can prevent bone related illness, such as osteoporosis. Free weights workout is an obvious muscle builder too! Eser Marketing offers a wide range of weight plates to suit your fitness schedule.



Choose all the exercise accessories you want from one place! Eser Marketing International offers a wide range of accessories from push up bars to medicine balls. Get in to shape using fitness accessories from the leaser of gym tools in Sri Lanka. Whether its yoga, aerobics or cardio, Eser Marketing has offers a great selection of fitness products to suit various requirements targeting different muscle groups.


Puller-Aerobic-StepYoga / Aerobics

Get all the yoga and aerobics fitness tools you want from Eser . Yoga mats, fitness balls, puller aerobic step and much more. Helps you to increase flexibility and cardio workout. Why not start with a simple jump rope? We also have additions such as ankle weights, power wheels and hand grip. Yoga and aerobic training helps you to improve flexibility and stamina. Eser offers basu balls, gym balls, foam rollers, aerobic steppers and many more to boost your fitness in to new levels. From the market leader in fitness and gym equipment.


Strength Training BH

L090Eser Marketing Int’l is the proud sole agent for BH Fitness and gym products in Sri Lanka. Eser offers BH Strength Training range, ideal for professional gymnasiums, hotels and health clubs. BH Strength Training boasts the highest quality of craftsmanship, guaranteed to last a lifetime with highest production standards.


Strength Training BodyOne

LD 9007 Pearl Delt&Pec FlyStrength Training BodyOne is the latest addition of workout range from Eser Marketing Int’l. BodyOne industrial gym and fitness range offers a value solution for durable fitness equipment for home and pro use. There are so many items to choose from benches, cable cross overs, abdominal isolators, incline and vertical row machines, etc..