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BH Fitness - Spain

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Eser Marketing Strength Training by BH Fitness

Eser Marketing Strength Training by BH provides total muscle building and strength training solutions for professionals. This vast range of fitness equipment contains exercise machines that targets and isolates specific muscle areas.

Eser strength training provides professional equipment such as shoulder/chest press, abdominal flexors and isolators, incline and flat bench, biceps curl, butterfly machine, rear deltoid,lat pull, chin up and dip, rotary torso, leg curl/extension and seated scott curl, just to name a few.

Why Eser Marketing Strength Training?

Eser Makreting International Sri Lanka is in forefront of the business in providing high quality yest affordable fitness and gym equipment to home and pro users for decades. All our products are manufactured by the reputed companies. BH is the market leader in Europe for fitness products. By using a BH product for gym or sports club, you will have the peace of mind without worrying about the quality or durability of the machines. All Eser Marketing Fitness products are backed by Eser warranty.

Apart from fitness machines, BH also provides various racks for easy storage of dumbbells and plates