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  • Elliptical and Push Up Station Outdoor

This strength building piece of equipment has been designed to offer the benefits of an Elliptical Cross Trainer and a push up & dip station on one frame.

Our Elliptical Cross Trainer gets the whole body moving, providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Easy-to-use, it is designed so that users can set their own pace and choose between forward or reverse motion to work different muscles. It helps to improve coordination and balance while providing low-impact exercise for legs and arms.

The push up & dip station is a simple frame specially designed for functional training. Easy to use and suitable for all abilities, users select the bar height that is right for them and perform numerous exercises including push-ups, dips, knee raises, v lifts and much more. Providing a strenuous workout for the upper body.

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Elliptical and Push Up Station Outdoor

  • Product Code: Elliptical and Push Up Station Outdoor
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