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  • Yoga Mats 6mm LP
  • The 6mm thickness with specially designed memory foam. Thick enough to protect your knees and joints, while still allowing you to grip the floor for balance. Indentations will disappear in time with use
  • Durable and long lasting material: TPE foam which is eco-friendly and Phthalates free, 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  • Non-slip ribbed surface, each side has differsnt style
  • Colors that define your inner self, we offer your more choice of color
  • Allows mat to air out and dry quickly and completly

Yoga mat 72" x 24" x 1/4". The 1/4" thickness provides you with our specially designed memory foam that's thick enough to protect your knees and joints. While stilll allowing you to grip the floor. This mat will mold to your hands and feet to allow allow you to grip the floor any indentations will disappear after time and use. This mat is made of an eco-friendly material: TPE foam which is Phthalates/Latex free, no-smell and non-simulating and with high elasticity for your safety and comfort.

YOGI TIPS:  Wash your hands with soap and water before class to rduce any natural oils in your hands. Do not use creams or oils on your hands or feet before your practice.

Allways keep a towel near you to wipe away any perspiration.To keep your mat fresh and clean spay organic mat wash directly onto the mat after use. This will disinfect, Restore and keep mat free from bacteria. You can clean your Eco-friedly mat once a week or whenever necessary. DON NOT PUT IN WASHING OR DRYER. Method 1: Wipe the mat with sloth dipped in soapsuds or laundry power solution. Rinse with water and wipe the mat with towel or cloth. Method 2: Add 200ml of white vinegar toa tub of warm water. Mix well. Lay the mat in the tub soak for 30 minutes. Roll matin a dry towel to absorb excess water.

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Yoga Mats 6mm LP

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