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  • S Push Up Bar - S 910

Sports S-Shape push up bar stand for men & women


  • Push up stand with comfortable foam hand grips
  • Set of two angled s-shaped push up bars
  • Great for strengthening arms, chest and shoulders
  • The angled bar helps reduce stress on your wrists and forearms


  • Maximum pressure: 90kg
  • Foam grips: Yes for extra comfort
  • Light/Potable: Yes
  • Qty: 2 push up bars (One foe each hand)

Package Includes: 1 x Pair of push up bars

Ideal for:

Push up handles allows users to perform a range of activities with less strain joints, allowing you to work chest, abdominal, bicep muscles

This pair of s-push up bars is terrific for upper body workouts. Push-ups can target your chest, shoulders and back muscles. They can improve strength in your upper body, arms, legs and stomach. The foam handles aid in comfort and foam covered handle grips are comfortable and non-slip. Besides, it's very easy to carry. You can get a quick upper body workout anywhere on the go!

Key Features:

  • By using push up bar, upper body exercise can be trained effectively. Different positioning of the stand quickly targets different muscle groups for a better workout.
  • Using the push up bar can help in muscle training. Push up workout with push up bar train your chest, shoulders, triceps and back muscles; It is suitable for man or woman to do push-up workout or muscle enhancement
  • Foam grips provide a secure grip, are soft and comfortable and increase the width of the handle for better ergonomics

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S Push Up Bar - S 910

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