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  • Spin Bike (BH) H 915

Basic model for beginners

The H915 Bike Trainer incorporates the basic frame and transmission system of road bike. It’s not only the basic Bike Trainer, but also the classic indoor cycle equipment. BH group integrate the technologies of bike geometry and home-use fitness concept in H915. The pure white painting, ergonomically designed handlebar with rest pad and useful electronic monitor make cycling at home more interesting.

Hi-tech friction pad made from wool fiber: Resists high temperature caused by friction and provides extra durability.

Multi-purpose handlebar: the angle and shape of handlebar are designed according to the different riding postures of triathlon players.

Drive-by-wire brake system located on the handlebar: For timelier brake transmission.

Smart-Fit saddle adjust system

Large LCD monitor: Displaying time, distance, calories and speed. It helps you track your workout progress efficiently.

The oversized steel frame: whole the frame has been fully treated for corrosion resistance and repeatedly liquid coated for extra protection and shiny look.

Three-piece crank set combining with heavy duty SKF bearings and Three-piece crank set allow the cycling movement smoothly. That would also prevent injuries from joins and muscles of your legs.

The World's First Built-in Bluetooth Cadence Sensor for Indoor Cycling BH indoor cycling equipped with an IC-KIT can be used to transmit the cadence data (RPM) to a smart device (iOS device) via Bluetooth. This allows the apps to be able to guide your workout and provide interactions based on your current effort, and track your workout results. IC-KIT makes mobile app training possible in indoor cycling.

Cycle on earth
Enjoy the experience of exercising all over the world!

Cycle rush 2
The best app for indoor cycle training has arrived!

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Spin Bike (BH) H 915

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