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  • SPR-7000B Fitness Home Gym (IV 150)

*Plastic Weight Stacks : 150 LBS

Strength & Safety
  -2" Square Tube
  -1-1/2" Square Tube

Comfort & Appearance
  -Φ3-1/2" x 12" of Pec Deck Pads
  -1-3/4" Hi-Density Foam of Back Cushion
  -7x7 Nylon Cable
  -Φ90 mm Bearing Pulley

  -Two Position Adjustment for Roll Pads
  -Using Chain to Adjust the Length of Cable

*Set up size : 150 x 117 x 210 CM

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SPR-7000B Fitness Home Gym (IV 150)

  • Body One
  • Product Code: SPR-7000B
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  • Rs. 79,000.00