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A 20 minute boxing cardio workout can burn 281 calories vs 164 calories burnt for a high impact aerobics class or 188 calories for a 12-14 mph bike ride. Boxing Benefits: Increase bicep and triceps strength-Sculpts the deltoids(Shoulders) - Sculpts entire legs- Sculpts abdominals

A combination of the synthetic leather bag and high-density plastic base provides superior flexibility, durability and resilience.
Precisely engineered with spring action response.
Flexibility collar system allows bag to absorb substantial impact with minimal movement.
Multi layered shock absorbing foam with protective outer layer for resilient long lasting use.
Holds up to 24 gallons of water (approx.108.9kg) or 167kg sand filled
Product Weight: 17kg

  • Pu dummy stand/punching and boxing trainer
  • Punching man w/flexible sandfilled (or waterfilled) base
  • Free standing, no chains or hanging required water (or sand)filled base provides excellent stability pressurized bag stem for optimal resistance flexible construction allows for quick rebound
  • W/adjustable height/with 1 screwdriver
  • 3 Positions, adjustable from 158cm to 185cm (63"-75")
  • W/water cap for adding water
  • Each set in polybag and to a master carton

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Punching Man - PS - S838

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