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  • Medicine Balls
  • AP-170-1kg - Medicine Balls 1kg: Rs. 2,700
  • AP-170-2kg - Medicine Balls 2kg: Rs. 3,200
  • AP-170-3kg - Medicine Balls 3kg: Rs. 3,700
  • AP-170-4kg - Medicine Balls 4kg: Rs. 4,200
  • AP-170-5kg - Medicine Balls 5kg: Rs. 4,700
  • AP-170-6kg - Medicine Balls 6kg: Rs. 5,200
  • AP-170-7kg - Medicine Balls 7kg: Rs. 5,700
  • AP-170-8kg - Medicine Balls 8kg: Rs. 6,200
  • AP-170-9kg - Medicine Balls 9kg: Rs. 6,700
  • AP-170-10kg - Medicine Balls 10kg: Rs. 7,200
  • AP-170-11kg - Medicine Balls 11kg: Rs. 7,700
  • AP-170-12kg - Medicine Balls 12kg: Rs. 8,200

Medicine balls build core trunk strength and joint integrity. Core trunk strength is the key to most athletic moves. The truck is generally the weakest link. All sports trainers now recognize core strength training as the logical starting point for an effective training program. Often athletes over-strengthen muscles at the expense of joint strength and no matter how strong your muscles are you are only functionally as strong as your joints. You see this often in injuries to shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Medicine ball training is designed to strengthen these areas and allows you to more fully access your muscle strength.

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Medicine Balls

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