BH Treadmill – WG 6522U

Rs 349,000.00


BH Treadmill – WG 6520U is built for intensive use, the BH WG 6522U heavy duty treadmill has a powerful 4.5HPP motor that provides the best performance at a lower power consumption which is ideal for home use. Available at all Eser Marketing International BH Fitness showrooms.

Treadmill – WG 6522UBH Treadmill – WG 6520U

max weightRec. max. user weight160kg /352 lbs.
motorMotorgeen-power4.5 HPP
speedSpeed1-22 km/h/0.6-13.7 mph.
elevationElevationelevation-img-2up to 15 levels
running-surfRunning surfaceRunningTech155 x 55 cm /61″ X 22″
dampingDamping6 elastomers
DOT MATRIX + 6 LED screens
pulsePulseon the handlebar


Treadmill – WG 6522U



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