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BH treadmill – G 6442

Rs 99,000.00


BH Treadmill – G 6442 from Eser Marketing

BH treadmill – G 6442 is equipped with the largest running belt compared to other treadmills in the same category. G 6442 will definitely give you maximum room to reach any length stride and side to side comfort and will definitely satisfying workout. Whilst many treadmills are available in Sri Lanka, BH Treamills are standing out with their quality, craftsmanship and warranty.

BH Treadmill – G 6442 specifications

motorMotorgeen-power2.25 HPP
speedSpeed1-14 km/h / 0.6~8.7 mph
elevationElevationMechanical 2 position
running-surfRunning surface122 x 44 cm/49.2″x 17.3″
Anti-slip running belt
moniorMonitor3 LCD screens
max-userWeighton the handlebar
Display InformationTime / Speed / Distance / Calories / Pulse / Programs
Instant speed keysNone
Instant incline keysNone
DimensionsNot Folded
Size Folded Vertically
Size Folded Horizontally
Pre-Set programs3 pre-set profiles

Treadmill – G 6442




Largest running belt in the same level


belt size


Compared with the other treadmills in the same level, G6442 is equipped with the largest running belt. The width reaches 440 mm that will definitely satisfy you. It gives maximum room to reach any length stride and side-to-side comfort.


SDS (Soft Drop System)




G6442 treadmill is equipped with Air Cylinder which is similar with the professional level. And the SDS function powered by a hydraulic system allows the running desk of G6442 to be unfolded more safely.


3 Large LCD Window Display




The workout information displays in different windows. With the separate windows, you can easily track and monitor your speed, time, incline, calories and speed. All the information you need is easier to read.


Silver coatingSoft & unique cushion system

Nice and shining coating of G6442 treadmill is not only the classic design but also protects the machine from sweat and rusting.


F1 treadmill is equipped with 6 elastomers which can not only prevent muscle and joint from injuries but also exte

Braille – friendly designContact pulse measurement system

BH is the first to care about the blind people. The 3D console button pad provides the easiest use.


The convenient design of contact pulse measurement system allow users to easily and comfortable control the exercise progress.

1.4T running beltCovex Roller technology

The double woven 2-ply belts with three layers on G6442 treadmill provides the durability and stops the belt from over-stretching.


BH adopted the tapered roller techniques to create the Covex Roller. This design could help the running belt to automatically position and enhance the durability of running belt.


classic-design-bannergreen efficient motorplug and run


Models with Plug&Run technology do not require any assembly. Just unfold, lock and start running.


plug and run gif


35 secondsreference-treadmill-en


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