butt workout eser marketingEveryone’s looking at it. Most of us are dreaming about it! It is amazing the boost a toned butt can give ones’ personality. Here are some tips and workout routines from Eser marketing blog to get toned hip and butt area, Fast!

1. Selecting the proper exercises that target your glutes

Most of us are working out a bit in the least, but if you are planning to have toned glutes, choosing a workout that targets the said area is important. Bridges, squats and lunges help, most of the time.

2. Add some weight training to your workout regime

Keep in mind the glutes are a muscle and adding some weight/resistance training will help to develop the muscle. Its an investment to buy a pair of dumbells if you want to see the results fast.

Also you can try adding some weight to your exercise such as ankle weights. Adding weights to your exercises can speed up the result.

3. A little yoga is good for your butt!

Yoga is mainly for flexibility, but yoga will also help to relax the muscle and improve the efficiency of your workout. The downward facing dog pose, for example targets your butt area. Try some of these yoga positions to your workout for best results.

4. Have a well balanced diet.

No matter how hard you workout, a healthy eating pattern ease the key to any successful workout. Avoid simple carbs such as corn syrups and honey, which is widely added in soft drinks, jellies and jams. Any junk food is a big no no!

If you would like to know more information, a very helpful article is available at, http://www.wikihow.com/Tone-Your-Butt-Fast.

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